French Muslim Women If Required Wear Bikini Beach

ilustrasi muslimah di pantai
Former French Minister for Family Affairs Nadine Morano said it was the duty of French women to wear a bikini on the beach. Therefore, he requested that the culture is respected.

Media The Independent quoted Morano said; she saw a Muslim woman sitting on a chair shore by wearing a headscarf, long sleeves, and pants. He considers it incompatible with French culture.

"When you choose to come to a secular country like France, you have a duty to respect our culture and freedom of women. Or you go alone," Morano wrote on her Facebook account.

He published a blurry image of a veiled woman sitting on the beach when she was on holiday weekends. He also published a photograph taken in the 1950s and 1960s that show sexual symbol Brigitte Bardot in a bikini.

This post got a comment from a blogger, Fouzia Rakza Bouzaoui. He said, Morano should be more concerned about 20,000 cases of sexual violence that occur each year instead of talking about women who might not he know, that might have the choice of his life. [ROL]