How to wear rectangular Modern and Stylish Hijab

Veil or hijab in this modern age has evolved into a trend. In addition to the obligation for a Muslim woman, hijab is also a protective cover or to the woman's body so that today many designers who make the veil became a style more modern and not ancient.

A Muslimah is already obligatory to wear the hijab because the tenets of Islam has prescribed it. From the kinds of ways to wear the hijab, the most prevalent of which is how to wear rectangular hijab. Well, this time, we provide information on how to wear the hijab rectangular modern and more stylish which could serve as a model reference your hijab. With a more modern style headscarf, of course, you'll be a trendsetter in the environment around you because the style is fashionable, trendy, and still polite certainly compared to using ordinary style and seem quaint or outmoded.

Here's How to wear rectangular Modern and Stylish Hijab.
First, wear depths ninja that hair is not messy. Wear a veil with a rectangular models on one side, and do not be folded into a triangle models.

Then pick up on the part of end jilbab left and then enter into the inner aspect of the veil right. Paste ends at a position close to the ear, then the pin using a pin.

After that, take the side of the right side the veil, and point it right the side of right. Bring the right aspect of the veil was to the front of the body and drag the edge of the veil to the top of the head.
Next, place the tip of the veil towards the bottom, and on the right, on the shoulder, attach decorations such as flower brooch or the other.

You can also apply its hijab with inner or ninjas following your wishes. Now that is how to wear the hijab rectangular modern and stylish. Not too hard right? Welcome to try it at home, good luck and thank you!